Implants in Jacksonville, FL

A dental implant is a replacement for a missing tooth root. A crown is attached to the implant to complete the restoration. A single implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple implants can be used to support several teeth or a full arch replacement.

Replacing missing teeth with implants can help restore your ability to smile and eat with confidence. Implants are also the only tooth-replacement option that will help maintain your jaw bone. Without a dental implant, once you lose a tooth, bone loss will continue for life. Implants are also the most conservative and most durable option to replace a missing tooth, rendering it the most cost effective since they rarely need to be replaced.


Dental Implants at Cypress Point Family Dentistry

At Cypress Point Family Dentistry, we take every measure to make your dental implant experience comfortable. We will talk you through each step, or if you prefer, you can sit back, relax with a set of headphones, and watch the TV mounted in the ceiling above. Whatever your preference, you can rest assured that your implant procedure will be done with the highest level of care.

The most important part of implant dentistry is proper planning to ensure the right implant is selected for the available bone. Dr. Rios can place most implants right here in the convenience of our Jacksonville dental office under local anesthesia. Some cases requiring extra procedures, such as a sinus lift, ridge augmentation, or IV sedation will be referred to one of our preferred specialists, with the restoration being completed at our office.

You will be given a pre-treatment antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory drug one hour prior to the procedure. The treatment is done under local anesthesia and only takes a few minutes. In some cases, the implant can be restored with a crown immediately; however, we typically wait three months before placing a restoration to be sure that the bone has adequately healed around the new implant.

X-ray of an implant in position

Implant Care

While a dental implant will not decay, it should be cared for just like a normal tooth with proper brushing and flossing to keep it clean and free of debris. This will help keep all the supporting and surrounding structures strong and healthy. You will also need to visit our Jacksonville office for twice-yearly exams and cleanings to ensure the health of the rest of your teeth.


What Our Patients Say

After four years of searching I finally found a dentist who is so much like the one I left in Lake Placid, Fl. Dr. Rios is kind, personable, efficient and his staff reflects that attitude. Yes I'd recommend him to family. friends and someone who is looking for a really good dentist.
-Gordon H.

Dr. Rios is by far the best Dentist I have ever had!!! He did a perfect job on my front 4 teeth 11 years ago and they still look great today. I now drive from Charlotte, NC to see family and make sure I come to see Dr. Rios rather than someone where I live. I just have 100% trust in him.
-Gregory B.

I used to be terrified of dentist, however Doctor Rios and his staff make you feel right at home! If I even flinch, he's giving me more numbing stuff, no questions asked. So glad to have found him and his wonderful staff!
-Melissa T.

Love it here! Amazing staff! Had fillings done and my last experience was so bad but here it was great and staff was reassuring. Great doctor, great staff.
-Lisa B.

Amazing! I've had an amazing experience with this office. Dr. Rios and staff have become like an extended family. His touch is very light when working on your teeth. He explains everything and I mean everything. All visits were not only painless in the office but painless at home as well.
-Sherndina M.

I've been going here for a year now and am completely satisfied. Very little wait, pleasant staff, a great doctor, and best of all my teeth look better than they ever have. Sometimes you get lucky with doctors and this is a great example of this.
-John T.

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